Product Care

Tips to help prolong the life of your furniture:

Do not place furniture near direct sources of heat (ie - radiators, fires, etc)
Do not place furniture in direct sunlight as this will cause the furniture (both wood and leather) to fade quickly
Always follow the assembly instructions included with your item.
Do not place hot dishes directly onto any wooden cabinet or table top - use a mat to help protect the surface.
If your furniture becomes stained, scratched, chipped or suffers any other damage we recommend you contact a professional to help restore your item.
The colour of wood fades with exposure to light over a period of time, so it is important to rotate any ornaments or lamps regularly and expose table leaves to avoid noticeable colour differences occurring.
Avoid sharp objects on upholstered furniture which may snag the fabric or leather



Never drag furniture when moving, always lift. Please take care when handling or moving any piece of furniture or upholstery as carless handling may cause damage or injury. No liability will be accepted for damage or injury caused by incorrectly installed furniture.



Leather upholstery in a normal home environment should require little attention and cleaning should only be done when necessary.

For regular maintenance, dust or vacuum occasionally, or in hot, dry weather, use a soft, slightly damp cloth, and wipe gently without rubbing. If the leather starts to feel overly dry, we recommend you apply a small amount of Lord Sheraton Leather Balsam with a cotton cloth, allow the leather to dry, then polish gently with a dry cotton cloth. This will restore the natural feel and suppleness of the leather.

We highly recommend our leather is not put in direct exposure to sunlight and heat, as this may cause the colour to fade unevenly over time. Should the product get wet, remove any residual water immediately with a paper towel and allow to dry naturally.

If you have a spillage on your leather upholstery, immediately dab off excess liquids and solids, always work from the edge of the stain inward to avoid spreading. Do not use an abrasive cloth or rub excessively. Then contact a specialist leather cleaning company for advice.



All of our wood furniture is finished using either a lacquer or wax, to help protect the wood whilst maintaining its natural beauty.


Our lacquered finish is extremely durable, which makes furniture easy to look after. To keep it looking its best, simply polish regularly using a clean damp cloth.



Waxed furniture is designed to fade, it’s completely normal. There is a quick and easy way you can help bring it back to life and encourage those natural grains to stand out! We recommend using Fiddes Supreme Stripped Pine wax. Simply apply according to the manufacturer’s instructions using a clean cloth.



When cleaning glass panels use a damp cloth or leather with washing up liquid, soft soap or a propriety window cleaner. Do not use washing powders or any other substances containing abrasives as these will scratch the glass.

Halo cannot be held responsible for any damage caused during attempts to clean furniture. We highly recommend that professional cleaners should be consulted.

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